Remote Team Building in VR

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Maintain a great company culture as a distributed team with immersive team-building activities in VR. No more awkward happy hours over Zoom.

How It Works

We deliver pre-configured Oculus Quest headsets to members of your team.*

On a pre-determined schedule, we'll host team building games and activities. We support up to 20 concurrent participants in a session and will soon support up to 100!

Use the immersive collaboration and whiteboarding tools as much as you please to do sprint planning or just everyday stand-ups.

After a pre-determined period, we can collect the headsets from your team members.

* We thoroughly clean and disinfect the equipment before sending it to customers.

Example Games

Paintball: Meet your team in an immersive environment and easily play team-building games.

Table Tennis: Have a 1-on-1 while playing ping pong.

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