Your Virtual Company Mansion

Maintain a great company culture as a distributed team with immersive team-building activities in VR. No more awkward happy hours over Zoom.

Work and collaborate with your distributed team in VR as if you're in the same room.

How It Works

We deliver pre-configured standalone virtual reality headsets to members of your team.*

Use the immersive collaboration and whiteboarding tools as much as you please to do sprint planning or just everyday stand-ups.

On a pre-determined schedule, we'll host team building games and activities. We support up to 20 concurrent participants in a session and will soon support up to 100!

After a pre-determined period, we can collect the headsets from your team members.

* We thoroughly clean and disinfect the equipment before sending it to customers.

What You Get In Your Virtual Office

Remote Team Building

Get headsets delivered to your team and start playing and collaborating in VR.

A Big Screen in Your Pocket

Work on your mac with multiple huge screens in VR.

Virtual Office

Get a virtual office mansion and enable employees to work in the same room.


Pricing Plans


Virtual Reality Headset Delivered To Your Door

2 Hosted Team-building Events Every Month 

Teams have Unlimited Daily access to Productivity and Collaboration Tools in Virtual Reality and can Play all of the Games




Virtual Reality Headset Delivered To Your Door

2 Hosted Team-building Events Spread a Week Apart

Keep Headsets for a Week to use as much as you please with the Productivity and Collaboration Tools




Virtual Reality Headset Delivered To Your Door

Guided Team-Building Event



* pricing depends on location
** prices are different if you have your own virtual reality headsets
For special circumstances and pricing, please contact us.

Per month paid 3 months upfront.
30% discount for an annual subscription.

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Connecting your team through Virtual Reality

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